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It’s pretty cool to find out what stuff others use

Have you noticed listicles (i.e. articles in some kind of list format) listing software products (and not only) always attract a lot of attention?

You probably know the ones, they typically look like this:

  1. “What tech stack are you using?”
  2. “My current tech stack …”
  3. “Awesome oss software” - the “awesome” lists of github
  4. “top 100 tools for marketing”
  5. “what are your favorite tools?”

And the examples they provide are usually in the form:

<some_cool_product> for X
<some piece of tech>


  • cloudflare for emails and domains
  • tailwindcss
  • laravel on the backend
  • some_random_sass for analytics
  • postgres
  • some_oss_tool for screenshots
  • neovim for editing

I think why this type of content tends to have success is:

  • people are curious about what others are using and why they use it
  • to discover new shiny tech and utilities
  • for inspiration (woah, what an awesome SaaS, I bet I could do what they do!)

Anyway, Merry Christmas!